Power Solutions with High Performance and Reliability

UninteRruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Euron supports you so your business operations won't go down. Euron provides a full range of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) that will cover the backup power needs of your IT infrastructure, from small computer rooms to enterprise data centres. Let us know your requirement and we will advise what UPS suits you.


Euron Saver model is an off-line UPS with the most advanced DSP control technology that protects the most sensitive devices from utility failure, over/under voltage surge, transients, spikes and other electrical abnormalities, with automatic boot voltage regulation and wide in/out voltage range.

Euron Saver Technical Data Sheet.

EURON POU (Power Online Unit 1000VA - 3000VA)

Euron POU gives a high output power, delivering superior performance on power factor corrected (PFC) power supply and satisfactory backup time. Euron POU ensures secure backup to critical devices like servers, medical equipment and Network devices with matchup of external Battery for more backup hours. Euron is a good choice to be applied to all kinds of complex environments.

Euron POU Technical Data Sheet.

EURON POU+ (Power Online Unit Plus 6000VA - 20000VA)

Euron POU+ are ideal and applicable for network setups for example LANs and for Rack equipment.

POU+ Technical Data Sheet.

EURON FLU (Full Load Unit) 3 Phase Series 30KVA – 80KVA)

Euron FLU three phase UPSs offer advanced technology that increases performance and reliability: three high speed DSPs with complete digital control fully ensure high quality of power supply, high input power factor and low input current distortion.

Euron FLU Technical Data Sheet.

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