Security & Surveillance Systems

CCTV Security Cameras

Euron offers professional Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) surveillance systems that 24/7 watch over your most valuable assets. We provide intelligent IP security cameras, solar security cameras, PTZ cameras, bullet cameras, dome cameras as well as storage devices to effectively capture, record and store security footage of your facilities or premises.


Euron offers full 2 megapixel or 3 megapixel Wired CCTV camera system with NVR & POE kits solutions. This security camera system is available both in 4 channels and 8 channels to meet your requirements. This CCTV NVR POE kit ensures 24/7 safety security of your home, office, shopping mall, etc.

Technical Features:

• High-definition video output, no delay frame loss, ensures smooth and clear video.
• Support VGA, HDMI video output.
• Support POE power supply, no separate power supply, save construction costs.
• Use efficient H.265 codec format, make the video smoother, save storage space.
• Support mobile APP remote control and alarm push function.


EURON 4G Waterproof Solar Wireless Outdoor Camera

5.5W monocrystalline solar panel
Built-in 10400mAh lithium battery
Euron 4G outdoor solar camera is featured with the latest technology combined with reliability for smart surveillance of your home, office and outdoor yard. It does not have any extra power cord and can be setup easily anywhere anytime within few minutes. It covers wide 120° angle to have better observation. It offers nonstop 24/7 remote monitoring via mobile app with live video & provides excellent HD quality footage even at night.

EURON Waterproof Wireless Security IP Camera

Euron low power indoor/outdoor consumer IP camera ensures high reliability performance for both indoor and outdoor security. It offers the simplest protection against thieves or intruders to make your home, office or property safe. The built-in batteries are to provide backup power if there is no electricity. It’s easy to monitor remotely to check what is happening in your home or secured area. The PIR sensor sends you an instant notification.


Euron offers high quality pan-tilt-zoom wired and wireless security cameras which are capable of 360° cruise monitoring with remote directional and zoom control. These PTZ cameras have been classified based on network protocol, IR distance and resolution. They have unique features like smart APP tuya, alexa, solar powered surveillance solution as well as POE kit options depending on the application required.

EURON WIFI Long IR Distance PTZ Surveillance Camera
Euron 2MP Wifi PTZ Camera is a perfect wireless security surveillance system that offers safe walking or movement on the roads/ highway or the remote areas. It offers long IR distance upto 150m. The camera can be powered by solar which has an inbuilt battery. The system is easy to install, operate and maintain

EURON 4G Intelligent Surveillance PTZ IP Camera

Euron 4G Intelligent Surveillance PTZ IP camera is an outstanding surveillance solution for outdoor large coverage area. This camera can pan horizontally, tilt vertically and zoom in on a subject to enhance the image quality without digital pixelation.

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