Technical Features
⦁ 5~8 years design life @ 20°C(68°F) ambient temperature
⦁ 80% remaining capacity
⦁ UL Recognized component
⦁ Rechargeable VRLA batteries with an electrolyte retained in a glass mat with a very fine glass fibre structure.
⦁ High-Compression Absorbed Glass Mat technology (AGM) for over 99% recombination efficiency.
⦁ Proprietary Fixed Orifice Plate Pasting technology applying active materials on both sides of the grid for consistent cell- to-cell performance, higher capacity and uniform grid protection.
⦁ Perfect combination between energy storage performance and reliability
⦁ Operates at a low internal pressure
⦁ Low self-discharge rate (less than 3% / month @ 20˚C(68˚F)
⦁ Grid plate construction consisting of a Lead Calcium Tin alloy
⦁ High impact resistant ABS resin cases and covers
⦁ Available in V-0 Flame Retardant Material
⦁ In compliance with IEC 896-2
⦁ Wide operating temperature range


⦁ 1. Plates: Calcium/tin-lead alloy, optimized for high corrosion resistance
⦁ 2. Separator: Highly porous glass micro-fiber separator, optimized for low internal resistance
⦁ 3. Standard housing: Reinforced ABS container and cover
⦁ 4. Terminals: Faston no.187&250, silver-plated copper female insert, lead/silver-plated copper flag terminal
⦁ 5. Valve: Release gas in case of excess pressure and protects the cell against atmosphere.
⦁ Uninterrupted Power Supplies
⦁ Security & fire alarm systems
⦁ Laboratory & test equipment
⦁ Monitoring equipment
⦁ Telecom equipment
⦁ Emergency lighting
⦁ Power tools
⦁ Medical equipment
⦁ Consumer electronics
⦁ Portable equipment
⦁ Toys and hobbies
⦁ Marine instruments


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